Why You Should Blast On The Acoustics With Music In Cafes

How many times have we unconsciously spent hours in a cafe when music meets our love for food? 

Music has been enjoyed alongside food for the longest time. The phenomenon is not new and it has been a practice enjoyed since the very ancient times as well. Whether the music comes from drums in the back or the live music set, it always has a soothing tone for cafes. Depending on the type of cafe you run whether it be a music-inspired cafe, a poetic one, or one made for weight loss, you can even blast on some rock and punk music for your customers. The coziness of the cafe is now measured by how much we enjoy its surrounding. Sure, we go for the food but it is untenable that the ambiance plays an even bigger role than the food.

Ambiance can be influenced by many different things. In this context, we are talking about the acoustics of the cafe. The noise level in a beautiful and cozy cafe is determined by its materials, the use of Acoustic wall panel malaysia, type of music in the background, the sound of coffee roasting and grinding, cutleries playing its music, kitchen doors swinging back and forth, and most importantly, the hum and buzz of people and their laughter. 

Many studies have shown how important the noise in a coffee shop or a cafe is. Noise plays a prominent role in defining our experience with a particular cafe. Whether we enjoyed it or not, it varied by how we experienced the place using our sense of hearing. We cannot underestimate how each and every sense reflects on the cafe yelp reviews and google reviews. The music and even the coffee machine sound should be strategic for the customer’s ear. It should facilitate conversation, laughter, and a dose of serotonin. Still not convinced that you should take your music seriously in the cafe? Let’s take a look at the significance of music in our food and cafe hopping journey. 

We are in denial if we don’t believe that our sense of taste and sense of hearing are best friends. What we taste, and experience in the texture can be influenced by what we hear. For example, the crunch of fried chicken and its prominent use in advertisements to promote hunger. We cannot listen to a chunk of fried chicken being enjoyed without making a quick stop at KFC. while we are not going to play food ASMR in the background, we will use the same application to induce feelings and improve wellness. Upbeat and happy songs will make our food experience a lot mor memorable. It will make th bitter coffee taste like sweet, morning freshness. You can play stronger and upbeat music at night while slower music yet happy music can be played in the morning. 

Music also increases the number of hours we spend sitting in the cafe with our friends. Sometimes we order two to three cups before we make a move to leave the cafe. The music and its enjoyment do play a role. A good playlist is incredibly hard to resist. So first, it is important to know your target audience and the type of music they are most likely to enjoy as well. 

In the end, music not only promotes your cafe, but also improves your brand awareness, increases revenue, and makes your cafe a loving place for everyone. 

Author: Denise Long