Gambling Terms You Need to Know

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Are you fond of gambling in casinos? Or maybe you have heard some terms that you don’t understand, and you just ignore them? When you are frequent visitor in a particular place, it would help a lot if you know some of their terms so you will understand what other people are referring to. 

For example, in the case of casino lingo. There are some terms that only those who are frequent guests in this place know. Do you want to know about them? Check them out:

ABC Player – if you hear this term, they are talking about a particular player whose manner is quite predictable and usually, this is noticed in a poker game. Most of the time, when a person like this has a strong hand, he usually won’t get involved with those weaker hands. 

Action – for this term, there are two meanings. It can be that they are talking about the accumulated amount of money that was used or it could also be that the dealer is trying to tell a player to act. 

Accumulator – this pertains to the money that is rolled for the next play so that it will be added to the current bet. It is like investing in more than one game so that the previous winnings will be rolled over. This is sometimes called Parlay, as well. 

Affiliate – this pertains to a person or maybe an organization that will promote people’s products to gain commissions. 

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Add-on – when you will hear this term, it talks about the chips that a player can buy as additional in a specific time while the tournament is going on. 

All in – this is when a player will use all his chips to bet.

Ante – this is for the poker game. This means the initial bet is already placed. Yes, this is a mandatory bet. 

There are still so many gambling lingo terms that you might not be aware yet. Well, for the time being, you don’t really need them as most casinos are still closed. This is why you can just enjoy your games in a live casino Malaysia. 

Some players would prefer an online casino at times, even before the pandemic. This is because it is more convenient and above all, they can play at anytime they want to, including  times when they don’t have work. Another is the fact that in an online casino, there are more games to choose from. 

If you decide to play in an online casino, you should make sure to carefully select the site. Yes, not all casino sites are good. Some are just scams, and they will give you a hard time when it comes to withdrawing your winnings. This is why it is best not to be hasty when choosing a bookmaker. 

We all know that gambling is a risky business. So if you want to continue partaking in this leisure activity, you should be responsible. Make sure that your family won’t be affected by such a habit as others get addicted and their family suffers. 


Author: Denise Long