Best Website with Time Fibre Unlimited Home Broadband Malaysia

Time fibre unlimited home broadband Malaysia

In the website the main content, which always highlights what interests us the most and has the possibility of updating? The more information the web offers through keywords and the more useful and intuitive it is, the better it will be positioned in search engines and will have a better valuation among users. If you work with the Time fibre unlimited home broadband Malaysia, then the outcome will surely offer the perfect value.


The header of the home must be attractive to invite the user to browse it. The first image that visitors have of our website must be attractive.

The logo must be in a prominent place. It is convenient to resort to corporate colours without excessively abandoning that colour range in the rest of the web.

Access to other sections, for example, an attractive image that links to the services we offer.

It is advisable to put satisfactory comments from our clients, recommendations … on the home page.

Social media buttons

A good footer:

Place a contact telephone number, and email, etc.

The information on the Web must always be updated

Regular updates to a website are highly valued by Google. We should try to make them easy to execute, even if we don’t do it at first.

Making a good website that meets your objectives involves many decisions at a technical, content and strategic level. Let us always let ourselves be advised by professionals. We must analyze the person or company to see if what they offer meets our needs.

Working with someone who understands us is essential. The results are better and the web creation process is more enriching and constructive.


Time fibre unlimited home broadband Malaysia


It is not a secret for anyone that telecommuting has expanded significantly in 2020 due to the current health crisis; many companies and their respective employees have had to leap to this new model, which allows companies to stay productive, but without making people leave home. With this in mind, there is a very important factor that we cannot ignore, and it is the quality of the Internet connection, since it constitutes, so to speak, the infrastructure that makes all this possible. 

Author: Denise Long