Baby Care: Moisturizing Your Baby’s Skin

Are you thinking of about shopping for baby essentials? There are tons of baby care and baby bath brands in Malaysia that you can try for your little one. One of the most important things you should purchase is a baby lotion, most especially if your child is suffering from dry skin.

Remember, the skin of your baby is a lot thinner compared to an adult’s. It also loses moisture quickly. When baby skin dries out, it causes lots of discomfort

A baby’s dry skin can cause:

An open infection in the baby’s skin&Flaking.Gray, ashy skin tone,Itching,Rashes,Irritation,Cracking.

To prevent these symptoms, consider getting a high-quality baby lotion. The best baby lotion brands can be bought easily at the nearest department stores.

Baby skin care:

The three types of baby skin moisturizing products


Lotions are composed of less oil compared to creams, making them the least greasy, and lightest choice when it comes to skin moisturization. But, high water content may lead to further dryness, since hydration is not really trapped in the baby’s skin, just like with an ointment.


Ointments are composed of 20% water and 80% oil, making the greasy, thick at really effective when it comes to hydration. These are best for moisturization, and can create a good barrier that protects the skin.


Baby creams are consist of 50% oil and 50% water, and are a lot lighter compared to ointments. However, they have more preservatives in them, because of much higher water content. Aside from moisturization, creams offer protection, but doesn’t provide that much barrier as ointments.

When should you use lotion on your baby?

This can serve two purposes:

It traps the moisture from bath time into the child’s skin.It prevents the skin of the baby from drying out after the bath.It may seem odd, but excessive bath sessions may cause the skin to dry up, since the water can remove the natural oils from the child’s skin.

Author: Denise Long