Why Women Cheat and Not just Break Up

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While men cheating is common, there are also times when it is the women who are cheating. Yes, this happens for some reasons and it is really a wonder why they don’t just break up with their partners or boyfriends. It will be more noble that way and less complicated. 

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So, what do you think is the reason why they cheat and not come clean? Check this out:

  • She wants to make sure someone will be there to entertain her when he breaks up with his partner. It could be that she is really planning to split up and wants a man that is available for her. 
  • This is her way of making the guy abandon her. Maybe the guy will not allow her to leave him and is still clingy or maybe he does not have the heart to say it to his face. She is hoping that the guy will take the cue and will just split up voluntarily. 
  • She is scared of commitments. Maybe the guy is starting to talk about getting married and suddenly, the girl becomes scared. Thus, she tries to play around and see what will happen or hoping the guy will back out of the plan. 
  • It is a kind of revenge. Maybe the guy was cheating on her, and she has been suffering about it until the present. It could also be that he is still cheating, and she does not want to dwell on self-pity or maybe she wants to teach him a lesson. 
  • She really does not like the guy from the start. The relationship is not meant to be serious, but it got out of hand. By cheating on him, she is hoping the guy will realize and will instead leave her. 

Do you feel like your wife or partner is cheating on you? All the possible reasons above are just pure suggestions. It does not mean that your wife is doing the same thing because of them. Besides, she might not be cheating, or if she is, maybe it is because she needs attention. Why not ask her upfront so she will tell you the problem? Maybe there is still something you can do to save your relationship. Besides, if the reason is any of the above, it is still best to know so you won’t be dragged into it. 

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There are times when our thoughts will get ahead of us. So, unless you will find solid proof that your partner is indeed cheating, you should give her the benefit of the doubt. Who knows if she is not really cheating and it is just all in your mind!


Author: Denise Long