What You Need To Know Before Studying Fashion Design

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Fashion professionals develop a wide variety of products: haute couture, sportswear, prêt à porter, lingerie, stage costumes and address specialities such as pattern making, tailoring, tailoring, illustration, styling, among others.

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You will develop a very versatile professional profile and you will learn to design and make all kinds of fashion products: garments of various types and complete collections.

You will analyze trends and work in the area of ​​styling for various environments (television, theatre, advertising) and to stage your collections on the catwalk and, to this degree, you will develop your own personal portfolio as a designer, being able to start your own fashion company.

Diploma › Fashion design

Earning a diploma provides the opportunity for students to increase their skillset and qualifications, making them a viable candidate in a competitive job market. A diploma offers graduates practical work experience and skill development to help prepare them for an exciting career.

What is a diploma in fashion design? 

This diploma, which can be earned in just one year, covers topics such as advertising, sales and marketing, garment construction, merchandising, and the proposition and progress of fashion concepts. Students also learn how to develop and build a fashion portfolio, how to apply the principles of apparel design, and how to target the desired consumer market. By displaying their competence in all of these areas, students then enter the workplace fully prepared to contribute and excel within the fashion industry.

Fashion design students gain practical skills that they can then apply to their career in fashion, such as the importance of originality, the ability to work and cooperate within a team, and how to solve problems creatively which students majoring in accounting course in Malaysia needs too.

A diploma in fashion design can be earned in less than two years, making it an affordable education option. However, the specific cost of tuition and other fees can vary from school to school, so it is critical that students ask for direct information from potential schools about the cost of earning their fashion design diploma.

With a diploma in fashion design, graduates can find employment as brand managers, pattern makers, product development, assistant designers and designers, costume designers, fashion journalists, or as fashion coordinator for television, films or journals.

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Author: Denise Long