Raising a Gender-Neutral Baby

Parenting is an overwhelming and exciting task. Today, you are shopping for cute baby strollers in Malaysia, and then the next day, you are having a hard time feeding your little one. It’s all part of the challenge. Being a parent is more than that, though. It’s also about helping shape your child’s personality and identity. 

At this day and age, many parents are preferring to raise their kids, the gender-neutral way. Are you considering a genderless approach in raising your kids? Gender-neutral parenting is a controversial matter. Others think that it is an amazing way for a kid to embrace her or his real identity, while others believe that this can alienate or confuse children. 

What is gender-neutral parenting?

This type of parenting is composed of many different degrees. While some parents love taking an extreme approach to gender-neutral parenting, others just want to practice a lesser form by encouraging children to play with girl and boy toys, keeping decorations neutral, and allowing the kids to choose their own clothes. If you want to raise your child the gender-neutral way, the first step is to buy gender-neutral baby clothes.

Is it healthy for children?

It really depends on the person you are asking. A major advantage to raising a gender-neutral infant is that you will be permitting your kid to develop naturally, without creating limitations that the society has implemented around gender. For some, gender norms are very limiting, and can taking it away can make children healthy and happy.

How does it affect a child socially?

A strict parenting style that centers on a gender-neutral approach can be hard if your kid always in school or day care. However, if he is just at home most of the time, then it is possible. Take note that people get nervous with unfamiliar habits, and your kid’s play or dress style may raise difficult questions from friends and classmates. Don’t get surprised if it results to problems with regards your child’s social life. 

How does it impact playtime?

It must not impact playtime. Parents of gender-neutral children usually encourage their kids to play with all kinds of toys, from cars to dolls. They allow their children to decide what kind of toy they want to play with.

Author: Denise Long