How a Hosting Provider Can Impact Your SEO EffortsHow a Hosting Provider Can Impact Your SEO Efforts

Physical Location

Do you know that your web host’s physical location can affect your search ranking? When it comes to search engine optimization, it’s highly recommended to utilize closer servers. Google and other search engines focus on platforms depending on the region, to localize results. 

Downtime versus Uptime 

If your host is not reliable, it will harm your website strategy and productivity. Remember, search engines are reaching out to web pages day and night. If your platform appears offline often, it can be tagged as unreliable by search algorithms. 

Website Security

Google and other search engines don’t want to route all of their users to web pages associated with spam, and infected with malware. Design your ecommerce website properly. Guarantee its usability and security. 

Page Loading Times

There are plenty of methods to optimize your website content for more speed. Code minification, image compression, and efficient caching can do wonders on ecommerce pages. Just see to it that load time testing is done on a regular basis. 

Choose Wisely

Choosing a top host in Malaysia is not easy. You need to work hard to get the best results. In choosing an SEO-friendly website host, take your time in doing some research. Inquire to other webmasters, and learn from their experiences. Use analytical data to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for. 

Author: Denise Long