Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones For Students



  • Mobile phones can your doubts.

What is the number one thing you will do if you have doubts on some academic subjects? Did you miss an important lecture? During the old times, you will call a friend through their landline number. Now, all you need to do is Google it using your smartphone app development. If not, you can contact the lecturer through a messaging app.

  • Mobile phones lets you know what happens all around the world.  

At this day and age, more and more searches come from smartphones and gadgets. This means students are spending more time on their mobile phones, compared to desktops and laptops. It’s a lot easier to search for news materials and trending topics.

  • Mobile phones can act as your instructor, adviser, guider, teacher and director.

No need to purchase a separate calculator for math problems. No need to get a separate audio recorder for your lectures. If you need to confirm any kind of information, you just need to Google it. It’s even possible to manage your entire household through various mobile apps.

  • Mobile phones can help you during emergency situations.

Mobile phones actually came to this world because of emergency purposes. If students have their own mobile phones, they can easily reach out to anyone they need.

  • Mobile phones are the best tools for further knowledge.

Students can get grades through the additional knowledge they get from the internet. During the early days, there is the need to physically go to the library. Now, it only takes just one click.



  • Mobile phones encourages you to play games all the time.

Children have the shortest attention spans. With a high-performing mobile phone, focusing on studies is so hard, for you will always be tempted to play games. It is the perfect study tool, and distraction at the same time.

  • Mobile phones can disturb other students

Mobile phones can disturb students in various ways. When there is a crucial lesson going on, and if your phone suddenly rings, then it will distract the entire class. A silent mode exists, but some students don’t really care about it.

  • Mobile phones can reduce your time with the family.

Back in the day, kids love spending lots of time with their families. Now, all they do is enjoy the perks of having a mobile phone. They spend tons of free time on their phones, chatting with friends or playing games.

  • Mobile phone use can result to road accidents.

This is one of the most dangerous disadvantages of mobile phones. Plenty of senior students drive to school. Total focus is required when driving, so using mobile phones is a major distraction. If there’s the need to check your phone while driving, then its better to stop the vehicle at the roadside and check it.

  • Mobile phones lets you get involvement in lots of unwanted things.

Mobile phones can change student habits. There are lots of bad stuff online, and it’s very hard to avoid them. At this day and age, plenty of young people are addicted to pornography, drugs and cigarettes. These are serious negative results of technology.

  • Mobile phones can result to fatigue and sleepless nights.

When students are playing games, they lose track of time. Most students spend the night playing games or watching videos on their phones. Since everyone else is asleep, no one will disturb them. This allows them to play until the wee hours of the morning. Chatting with friends can also delay sleeping time.

Author: Denise Long