7 Website Design Best Practices for a Much Greater Business Success

Mobile Friendly

Are you happy that your web pages look good when browsed on a laptop or desktop? But, what if it looks horrible on a tablet or mobile phone? Don’t let your website appear unorganized, cluttered and difficult to navigate. Make sure your pages are mobile friendly. If not, you will lose leads.

Easy Navigation

People must be able to see what they need to see the moment they land on your website. If it takes them a lot of seconds, they would most likely move to a competitor website. Keep in mind that they want loading time to be very minimal, as well as easy navigation.

Email Marketing

Email marketing still plays a huge role in keeping existing and potential customers in the loop about your content and services. Email will always be relevant, so you must always have a great email marketing strategy.

Consistent Branding

A web design that doesn’t have consistent branding is confusing and stressful. Branding must be consistent all throughout the website. This rule applies to typography, iconography, images, videos and other elements.

Calls to Actions

A website has two major goals. First, to attract a big number of people, and then second, to tell them what you can offer them. In order to achieve these goals, you need to include some guiding light in your pages. These are called CTAs.

Fast Loading Time

Internet users are lazy and impatient. No one would spend a lot of time waiting for a web page to load. If it fails to give them what they want in just a few seconds, they would leave. Avoid this by asking your website developer to optimize your website for speed.


Each website must have a good SEO strategy. This is part of brilliant web design practice. If you want Google and other search engines to see your website, incorporate the most relevant keywords in your content.

Author: Denise Long