5 Important Questions to Ask If You Hire a Professional Web Design Company

Although creating a website nowadays is as easy as clicking a bunch of templates, there are still some people who want a more professional approach. You see, site builds allow you to make your own webpage, however, in most cases, they just look generic. They are not bad at all, but they might not satisfy some people.

If you are looking to have a professional looking website, you might not have the technical know-how to create such a thing. Therefore, hiring a professional web design company can really help in this regard.

Before you get one, though, here are some important questions that you need to ask them first before you hire them based on the web design firm:

  1. What Websites Creation System Can You Offer?

A professional web design company should be able to create a website no matter what system they’re going to employ. For instance, if you want a website created that is easy on the budget, they might offer you some pre-made templates that you can choose from.

However, their templates may not have the specific piece that you want, so also ask them if they offer custom built websites.

These are sites that are built from the ground up; according to your specific demands.

  1. How Long Does It Take to Finish?

This question can be best answered if both parties are on the same page. In your part, you want to be as specific as possible so that the company will know exactly what to do.

For their part, they should be truthful enough to give you a reasonable timeline and they should stick with it no matter what.

As an additional note, if you’ve already agreed upon the specs of your website, do not add anything more as it can most certainly delay the completion of the project.

  1. Will You Test the Website Extensively?

I think it is quite common nowadays for professional web design companies to test the website before handing it down to their employers.

However, you still want to make sure that they do indeed do this. Have them assure you that your website is browser-agnostic, meaning, it can be accessed no matter what internet browser a person is using.

Second, it should be devoid of any broken links or broken images/animation/other graphical content.

  1. Do You Employ SEO Best Practices?

Without search engine optimization, your website may look good, but it will all be for naught since people might not be able to find it.

Therefore, ask the company if they employ SEO strategies to make sure that you rank on the top of the search engine results pages.

  1. Do You Offer Aftersales Support?

Once the website project is done, it is important to ask them if they offer aftersales support. What I mean is that if they still continue to support the created website even after it has been handed over to you.

There might be times where some of the website’s elements turn buggy or it simply just doesn’t work. Are they willing to fix such issues for free?

Author: Denise Long