3 Common Types of Gamers

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We have often heard about the boy’s obsession with games to the point that their mothers would often nag them to stop playing their games so much. These days, online games have not only piqued the boy’s interest, but also the girls. More and more people have started to enjoy online gaming due to the thrill of the games. Software development from companies like malaysia mlm software make it even more easier for people to enjoy online games. Besides a great way to kill time, some games like Nier:Automata offer gamers a captivating storyline of the game that you can unlock as you go through the missions of the game. With that reason, people have been purchasing games as they love the gameplay and are curious to know about the world built for the game. Thus, it is not surprising that avid gamers spend so much of their time playing games rather than going out to have fun.

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It is interesting that there are different types of gamers in this world. Here are some of the common types.

The Lone Wolf

With how developed online games have been in this 21st century, gamers are now able to use the feature of multi-player where they can connect with other gamers online. Some people enjoy playing with others as it makes the game much more entertaining and joining a guild in the game could give you many benefits. Besides, it is an opportunity to make new friends as you converse with gamers from all over the world through the game. A few people become even more confident in their gaming skills as they have their teammates to back them up. Do you know that some gamers even meet in real life and become good friends from the online games they play together? 

However, this feeling is not mutual to everyone. Some gamers prefer to play on their own without joining a team. This type of person is usually the perfectionist who would prefer to rely on their skills and refuse for others to slow them down. They take gaming very seriously and have no intention of making friends as they play games. 

The Competitive Gamers

Another type of gamers are the competitive ones. It is common that they would always be those who are very determined to win, every single time. They focus so much on improving their gaming skills so that they could beat other gamers and become the best gamer in that particular game. These people could be very pressuring for others as they expect others to help them in winning and despise those who are not able to do so. Besides, they value fairness and would not accept easy winnings as they want to earn the crown through their own hard work. Sounds intense, right?

The Silent Killer

Lastly, you might also meet the silent killers who commonly appear casual and relaxed. They are humble with their skills that people do not spare them second glances at first. It is not surprising that they also avoid taking big roles as they dislike to be held responsible for the group’s winnings or losings. However, the tide of the game will change drastically once the game begins. They will score the highest amount of kills and bring the team to victory with their good gaming skills. Hence, why they are called the silent killers. 


All in all,  there are many types of gamers you might encounter if you are a fan of online games. Besides, you could even be one of them or a little of everything. These types make gaming much more entertaining!

Author: Denise Long